Are you willing to be a watchman?

I’m always looking for signs. Born in the 50’s, we used to have school drills in which we would hide under our desks in case of a nuclear attack. ;-) Yeah…we were very safe under there! haha. That experience left an indelible impression upon me. Since those days, I’ve had a healthy skepticism when it comes to the intelligence of mankind and any chance he has of longevity on planet earth. Then one day I got saved. I started reading the Bible, intently, and religiously…over and over again. That only confirmed my skepticism regarding man. Outside of the grace and mercy of GOD, we were doomed….period…end of story. That made perfect sense to me. If you are saved, you are saved by the GRACE of GOD alone (through CHRIST), not by anything you have done, or will do. Quite frankly, even believing in the grace of GOD is a gift from GOD. That said, again…I’m always looking for signs. I’m looking for signs that GOD is wrapping things up here. Why? Well, because it’s important. JESUS told us to ‘watch’ for those signs. Why? I think it was to inspire us to keep focused on what really matters. What really matters? Well, LOVE really matters…love for GOD and love for our ‘neighbors’. 

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How's that working for you?

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