Saturday, October 6, 2012

Take your best shot…

A run for the American presidency….quite frankly, and quite likely, is the ‘biggest’ sporting event in the country, maybe the world? Let’s face it, it’s bigger than the NFL, NBA, NHL, and the UEFA combined. Bottom line, if you want to be the president of the United States of America…and expect to have any chance at all…you had best be a competitive maniac, possibly an egomaniac, and/or a person so committed to their vision/calling that they are willing to play this most competitive sport with unbridled gusto and enthusiasm. As any true sports fan knows, in any highly competitive sport, there’s an element of psychological warfare. In the sport of boxing for instance, one boxer might hang their chin out there…tempting the other boxer to give it their best shot. If the other boxer does manage to connect and yet the one hanging their chin out there ultimately survives unscathed and undaunted, that could/would/should be disheartening to the one that actually landed that punch. They might just realize that the other competitor can take their best shot and survive it without issue? What else do they have in their arsenal?

When it comes to presidential debates….you can bet there is a ‘huge’ element of psychology involved. I’m of the opinion that President Obama spotted Romney that first debate. I think Romney knows it.