It’s a battle whether you know it or not…and satan IS a worthy adversary.

Imagine tricky….then multiply times a million….and there you have him….satan. I know, I know…I hate satan like the rest of you…and would never give him kudos…but we would be wise to understand the depths that he is willing to go to neutralize you. If he can create the opportunity….he will use your best friend in the world to shut you up (if you are a threat to his control). Yeah…I know…this sets me up as the person who has delusions of grandeur…who thinks of himself worthy of such an attack. But guess what? WE are all worthy of such an attack if we are treading on his, potentially, damned grounds. You think you are wise? Think again. JESUS CHRIST was crucified by satan. Poor satan. He underestimated JESUS. What a name! Surely…a name above all NAMES….YES INDEED…JESUS IS LORD. satan has ultimately been defeated. THANK YOU JESUS. JESUS, YOU ALONE RULE.

How's that working for you?

I can’t count the times that I have wished that Paul or one of the other new testament writers would have spelled things out so clear...