Social Security…

I think most Americans know that the government has totally mismanaged the social security funds. After all, the baby boomers have been paying in tons of money for many years now. Any intelligent, responsible organization/business, would have been investing those funds so that they grew. Instead, the government tapped those funds and used them in other areas. Now that the baby boomers are (finally) getting close to retirement, we are hearing more and more comments about how the whole social security system is bankrupt (or close to bankrupt) and something needs to be done. One suggestion I’ve been hearing is raising the retirement age.

My personal opinion is that if the government wants to raise the retirement age, then that should only apply to the people who sign up for social security after that new contract is put into effect. In other words, those new to social security would be signing a different contract. They would know the new rules, what to expect from the start, and have time to plan accordingly. My Christian Interpretation would be that it wouldn’t be ethical or appropriate for the government to renege on the existing contract that so many people have been paying into, and making plans around, for all these years.

God couldn’t be more obvious…

I’m amazed at just how obvious God is in creation. There is a design to it all, and a ‘design’ speaks of a designer. Therefore, I’m even more amazed when people deny Him. This begs the question, what causes a person to deny God? Scripture speaks of men loving darkness more than light. I guess that would be one reason. They love sin more than they love God. They choose between the two and attempt to justify themselves by denying the choice even exists. Then there is the lack of humility. Sometimes people get mad at God and reject Him because He isn’t playing by their rules. I say ‘lack of humility’ because when you exalt yourself to the point of judging God, you surely are lacking in humility. It’s the old…if you are going to be that way…then forget you!

In pointing to a creator, I’ve been known to use the simple example of human hair. For instance, why do we have eyebrows? The obvious answer is to keep liquid (perspiration, rain, etc) from rolling right into our eyes. Why do we have eye lashes? The obvious answer is to keep things from getting in our eyes. There is a multitude of reasons for human hair in all its diversity. Every reason, though, speaks of a designer and a purpose. It’s so obvious that everything in creation was designed. The bible says that creation speaks of a creator and that on that day, men will be without excuse. In other words, God knows that you know He exists. You will not be able to make any excuses on that day and you will know that you have been purposefully denying and rejecting God.

Is choosing sin over God worth losing your life? Is rejecting God because of your anger, ignorance, and pride worth risking the loss of eternal life? Might not a God that has the wisdom, power, and knowledge to create the universe be worthy of your faith and trust in Him?

The issue of torture…

Noun: torture

1. The deliberate, systematic, or wanton infliction of physical or mental suffering by one or more persons in an attempt to force another person to yield information or to make a confession or for any other reason

2. Extreme mental distress

3. Unbearable physical pain

4. Intense feelings of suffering; acute mental or physical pain

5. The act of distorting something so it seems to mean something it was not intended to mean

Verb: torture

1. Torment emotionally or mentally

2. Subject to torture

So, using the definitions above, would water boarding be considered torture? Seems like it to me.

I have to admit, in a perfect world, torture of any kind would seem totally unacceptable. It’s a no-brainer. No one wants to be tortured, and therefore, if you don’t want to be tortured yourself, then you shouldn’t torture others. It does seem a bit contradictory, though, that in war…you can kill the enemy, but you can’t torture that same enemy to get information that might save others. Killing them on the battlefield…fine. Torturing them, not fine. Even if the torture doesn’t impose any real threat of death or physical harm, still not fine.

Imagine this scenario. Someone kidnaps your young children. The children are in a situation that promises they will be terribly abused and ultimately killed. You have captured one of the kidnappers. They have information that would likely save your children, but they aren’t talking.

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