Friday, January 30, 2009

Corporate America

These are interesting times.  It would appear that corporate America is holding all Americans hostage?  They’ve got their hands out asking for bailout money…but if the government doesn’t appease them, they threaten to close their doors.  Closing their doors would put many people out of work and puts the country at greater risk of falling into a depression.  Now, I wouldn’t necessarily be thinking that these huge corporations are trying to take advantage of us, but when I hear they are buying new jets, or giving out billions of dollars in bonuses, then I’m thinking….bonuses for what?  Running the company into the ground?  Either these companies are really, really, stupid (which could explain why they are failing)….or they are really, really, bold.  It appears to me to be the latter, and they are, in essence, extorting money from all of us.  If one of these large companies did fail, I imagine the CEOs still walk away filthy rich.  Therein lies their leverage.  They have little to lose personally, and are gambling with the fate of their employees and the economic welfare of the country at large.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Do you ever wonder why...

Do you ever ask yourself why? Why this…or why that? Why is my boss so challenging…why is my co-worker so challenging…why is my marriage so challenging…why is my job so challenging…why are my kids so challenging, why is life so challenging? The list could go on. Today, I’m considering that it is all about erosion. Huh? Yeah…environmental conditions that bring about some sort of wearing away of something or other. In time, even the most pointed peaks can be worn down to ground level. A sharp shard of glass tossed in a stream or the ocean ends up all rounded and smooth. Is that the reason for strife? Is it the shaping of our souls via abrasion, resistance, trial, conflict? It would seem likely. I think of Moses and the commentary about him…the meekest man in all the earth. Hmm. What makes a person meek? By trying, can you become meek, or is genuine meekness the result of environmental conditions, through experiences? I don’t believe it’s an accident that the majority of us start out young and strong and leave this life old and dependent. Surely, it’s part of the plan, true humility being the objective.