Step One..

GOD’s way is THE way.  I’m not at all sorry that we don’t get a vote. :-)  GOD is love.  GOD is light, and there in no darkness in HIM.  Any vote we might offer would be degradation.  As anyone that knows scripture would tell you, we (humans) have all fallen short of HIS glory.  There are no human beings that are truly righteous, no not one.  Our righteousness is like filthy rags (self serving).  And then here comes JESUS!  The FATHER designates Him as the way, the truth, and the life.  What does that mean?  For one, He is the only way to get to the FATHER, to access the FATHER, and ultimately, to get to heaven.  Why?, because, in HIS perfect wisdom, the FATHER said so...period, end of story.  That Bible tells us that whoever has the Son has the FATHER also.  Whoever doesn’t have the Son, though, doesn’t have the FATHER either.  Hence, the Son is essential to salvation.  Why?  Because the FATHER said so, period, end of story.  Heard of humility?  Yeah, what that means is YOU and I don’t get to decide how it works (thank GOD!).  GOD alone does.  Are you willing to humble yourself before GOD and accept HIS way of doing things?  After all, HE is love and light and has no darkness in HIM, and HE is the one in charge of how things work (thank you GOD!).  There is really only one way to eternal life…ie…JESUS.  Still, it’s your choice.  Live eternally in heaven with unspeakable joy, or throw yourself off the cliff and into the lake of fire because you’d rather rebel than be humble before the creator of the universe?  If after GOD has given you a lifetime or more of infinite opportunities to choose life, and instead, you choose death, isn’t that on your own head?  You chose death.  GOD offered you life in Jesus.  

Come one, Come all

Sometimes, I think I’ve outlived my usefulness.  A doctor once told me that if a man lives long enough, he WILL get prostate cancer.  Not might…WILL.  The point being, at least to my mind, is that when you can no longer be a participant in reproducing a healthy human being, on a natural level at least, your mission here on earth is diminished greatly.  After all, reproduction seems to be central to the purpose of life (one of GOD’s earliest commandments…be fruitful and multiply).   Hence, it’s no surprise that at about the same time that your prostate may start giving you trouble, or you start to experience hot flashes, it’s pretty likely that you aren’t far from being on blood pressure and cholesterol meds as well (if you aren’t already).  Though these, and a myriad of other drugs may buy you some time, the question becomes ‘is that time really worth buying’, and is ‘buying’ time in any way GOD’s will, or for that matter, biblical?  I’ve found nothing positive biblically supporting increasing life span beyond the natural scheme of things.  If, though, you have children, an extended close-knit family, or some great friends, your personal answer could be “it is absolutely, positively worthwhile”.  If you think that, why you think that, is the big question.  Is it because you have an over-inflated sense of your own self-value, or is it because you have a ton of unconditional love to give that you think could/would make a measureable difference in the world, or is it just for fun?  Is your motive all about giving love, is it all about giving of your time and substance because of that love?   If that is the case, you might be on the right track.  If it’s anything else, I’m not so sure.  

If communication was, in any way, at least somewhat fruitful in a measurable way in this world, then it would be worthwhile to be here from the standpoint of bringing people to Christ.  Quite frankly, though, I’m not convinced the numbers would support that hypothesis.  I’ve, personally, concluded that GOD doesn’t need me in any way whatsoever.  Hence, I don’t know why I’m here in this world as far as me making a difference.  Hence, I must be here to learn something like everyone else.  How deflating.  Will ‘any’ flawed human being make any measurable difference in the big scheme of things?   If so, I have no doubt that GOD will be the one worthy of credit, and HE could have used a donkey instead of me or you.  

Yeah…it seems obvious that humility is surely a huge component of what this life is all about.  Satan, full of himself, rebelled and was cast out of heaven along with his minions.  Humans also didn’t accept GOD’s dictate(s), rebelled, and were cast out of Eden.  When will either get back in, if at all?  Yeah…most likely, when they have a change of heart about their self importance and take on the mantle of humility and submission. What does that mean?  Accepting GOD as your authority, and, subsequently, HIS provision.  Yes, you need GOD and HIS help, and that help is all wrapped up in JESUS CHRIST.  HE’s the gift of GOD.  You will never be redeemed by your own merits.  On the other hand, the merits of JESUS will redeem you if you accept it, accept HIM.  The question becomes, are you too proud to accept the gift of life that is found in JESUS CHRIST, and in JESUS CHRIST alone?  

Yes, JESUS is the answer.  You can't even get to the FATHER, get to heaven, without going through JESUS.  The Father made JESUS the way, the truth, and the life.  You aren't any of those things.  JESUS alone was appointed that status. takes humility to accept that, too.  You willing?  You there yet?  Have you seen the light?  If so, choose life, choose GOD’s provision…choose JESUS CHRIST.  HE’s the anointed one. Yeah…that means you and I aren’t.  One of the great things about JESUS is that HE’s just like HIS dad…full of grace, mercy and forgiveness.  Come one…come all.  I believe HIS arms are wide open.

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