The Dilemma…

When they created the constitution, the population in the USA was about 4 million, and the weapon of the day was a single shot musket. I understand that you could fire off about 3 rounds every minute if you were very proficient. Sure, it made sense that practically anyone should be able to own one of those.

It’s a few years later now, the population is now over 300 million, and the killing power of weapons have advanced significantly. Apparently, some legally purchased weapons can fire off 100’s of rounds per minute? The rub is that though technologically we’ve advanced, morally, as a nation, we’ve declined.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the ‘falling away’ from GOD has begun and continues. Once again, let me repeat that GOD and His Word are one and the same. If you are not adhering to HIS Word, then no matter what you might think or how often you pray, you are falling away from GOD Himself.

So, in our current day and age, we have a dilemma. If the underlying reason for the slaughter of innocents is due to this ‘falling away’ and the subsequent lack of moral fiber that accompanies it, what can we, as a nation, do to fix that? That’s right, we can’t do much. Though we can make laws, we can’t force people to believe in GOD or choose to be moral.  So, since there is no quick fix for the underlying cause, what other options do we have that might help protect the innocents at this crucial time?  That is the big question, isn’t it?

How's that working for you?

I can’t count the times that I have wished that Paul or one of the other new testament writers would have spelled things out so clear...