Certificate of deposit

CDs.  I found out a bit of information recently that seemed worthy of mentioning.  I had a CD that had matured and was in the grace period.  I needed to move around some of that money, so I went into the bank to accomplish what I needed.  When there, I asked what the new rates were and was given the appropriate information.  What I learned in addition, though, (for the very first time) was that if you just allow the CD to roll over without contacting the bank, the interest rate you receive is much lower.  In other words, if you trust the bank to treat you right, you are repaid with a lower rate.  THANK YOU!  If you call in and ask about rates without informing them that you have a CD already in their bank and get them to give you those rates...then (and only then) inform them that you have a CD coming due or in the grace period, you can request that the quoted rate be applied.

This information annoyed me, and caused me to lose all trust in banks.  I have been guilty of allowing CDs to roll over on occasion.  I now wonder how many $$$ I have lost because of these unethical business practices.


Monosodium glutamate.  It took me 30 years to figure out that I was allergic to it.  For 30 years I suffered from frequent headaches.  Headaches that didn't respond well to over the counter pain killers, caffeine, or much else, and lasted 12 hours or so.  One day I'd get a headache, the next maybe not.  Some weeks I'd have a headache almost every day.  I didn't know what to think.  A few months ago I was praying about this and MSG popped into my head.  I followed through on that and did some research and found that MSG was in some of the foods that I ate regularly.  Campbell's soups for one.  I had been eating Campbell's soups multiple times a week for those 30 years.  I also discovered it was in a lot of chicken products...and I was (I thought) healthily choosing chicken sandwiches etc over beef almost every time I went to a restaurant.

Long story short....I stopped the Campbell's soups and anything else I noted that had MSG in it and NO MORE HEADACHES!  How ridiculous is that?  30 years of headaches!

There is a lot of information about MSG online and I would recommend anyone and everyone do their own research on it, especially if you are also prone to headaches.  Don't rely on the labeling of the products to reveal that they have MSG in them, though, as the industry has found ways of concealing it.  Do your homework.

Aware of the devils schemes

1 Samuel 16:14-15 ¶ Now the Spirit of the LORD had departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the LORD tormented him. Saul’s attendants said to him, "See, an evil spirit from God is tormenting you.

I find this to be an interesting scripture and one that many have pondered but few have agreed upon. Personally, I’m considering the possibility that Saul’s experience is not entirely unique…that even you and I may occasionally experience something similar. First, I think the stage has to be set. Something, or someone, has to really cause you grief. The more personal, the more painful, the more frequent, the more likely that you could fall prey….that a seed of bitterness could find root. If you water that seed, if you allow it to grow, it can create an opportunity for the devil to take advantage of you. For that matter, the devil can remind you of the injustices, he can stir the pot. The next thing you know, indeed the Spirit of God has left you (after all, God is love), and an evil spirit is left to torment you.

I believe it is likely that the above scenario is not uncommon. What is the cure? Faithfulness. We have to take control. We have to submit to God…to resist evil…to forgive…to pray. We not only have to read what the Bible says, we have to understand it so that we can be aware of the devil’s schemes, and we have to do what it says (put on the full armour etc Ephesians 6:11).

Something I think we have to remember is that evil can spread. If one person is taken captive to do the devils’ will…what do you think the devil would have that person do? Break someone else down? The person that has been taken captive needs our prayers, not retaliation (Romans 12:20). Retaliation only feeds the fire.

cambridge analytica ....

Time for our government to open cambridge analytica's books and see/reveal the complete truth.  Who is paying for their services?  What ...